Our teachers were on different occasions in 2017 trained on the implementation and roll out of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). They attended refresher courses during 2018 on different dates. We can comfortably confirm that Goshenfields School is on track in the roll out of the CBC.

Goshenfields school offers 8.4.4 education system.The school leads in educating pupils by offering superior academic program designed to prepare pupils to succeed academically in the leading high schools in the country.

Role of parents in Education as key stakeholders

In recognition of the role of parents as key stakeholders in the success of education, we held a one-day teachers and parents meeting to sensitize and update them on how the CBC is being implemented and more so their role in its roll out being key stakeholders. This was a very successful event as evidenced by a comment from one of the parents in PP2:

‘ This was a very good thought for the school to invite us so that we understand this new CBC system’ I have really learned a lot that I wasn’t aware. ’

We train our pupils to be self-driven and self-reliant

Pupils are trained from a very young age how to manage their time well and to be self-driven and self reliant academically and adapt very well in the society and in high school since the pupils are well rounded. This has be witnessed through good and outstanding results over the years of our existence to date guided by high level of discipline amongst pupils.

We offer moral support to our pupils

Our curriculum also allows for pupils personal growth both morally and intellectually by teaching Christian virtues and values.